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Laurie Millotte


October 11, 2019

This article was originally written for WineDirect.

Celebrations call for wine, and with the flurry of the upcoming season, you can take advantage of the excitement, without doubling down on effort.



















The average American adult makes an incredible 35,000 decisions every day. 

Do you identify with the chaos of all those choices? As a business owner or decision-maker, you are constantly evaluating ways to elevate your brand. Meanwhile, your customers are dealing with the same overwhelming avalanche of information when they head online to make a purchase.

The fall and winter seasons add an extra layer of fluster to the mix. In the wine world, October, November and December – also known as OND – mean harvest, wine club shipments and numerous holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve!). It’s a crucial time of the year for your business and a moneymaker opportunity when it comes to customer buying habits.

One way to make this season come together is to streamline your marketing to take advantage of the excitement, without doubling down on effort.

Here’s an idea: take one bottle and visually present it three ways.

This approach keeps you organized and efficient, and relieves the dreaded feeling of being empty-handed during this ideal selling season. It works for all products, across your full portfolio, and it elevates your brand to the top.

Portray your brand as timely and fresh with super minimal effort. A few moments of planning at the beginning of the season will outfit your bottles for the final quarter of the year. The peace of mind of being prepared frees you up to focus on other tasks, meanwhile your images work non-stop for you.

Bottle Shot and Lifestyle Images for King Family Vineyards

Last but not least…

Browse all the lifestyle images possibilities on Outshinery’s website.
Set yourself up for success this fall and winter holiday season. Time to get festive!

Make it easy on yourself… Download our inspirational (and very visual!) cheat sheet on how to market one bottle, three ways for fall and winter sales

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