Render oversized images

Need an oversized poster printed for a trade show? Got a billboard ad? Don't let pixelated photos get you down. We'll make sure your shots are nothing but flawless, in less time than you spend calling and scheduling with the photographer!

The beauty of Outshinery is that we are not bound by any camera’s resolution, only the quality of your artwork. Contact us now for a quote and how to have your images done! 


What is an oversized image? 

Any file for printing purposes that is larger than our regular final package format: 1920px (or 6in) in height at 300dpi.

We can technically render the photos as big as your heart desires without loosing any quality. In traditional photography you are bound to your camera's sensors and the dreaded pixelated effect at bigger sizes.

Why pay for it? 

Here's the catch: the bigger you go, the more the computer has to work to reach the final image.

For example: a super crisp, high quality 2 meter tall image for a subway ad requires 10 hours of processing by a custom powerful computer... more than a work day for our 3D magician and his computer sidekick! (hence the additional cost)