Written by

Laurie Millotte


October 31, 2019

There’s a darling little wine shop nearby that has found a way to attract customers and sell more wine in multiples this time of year. They offer authentic wooden wine crates as a bonus with the purchase of a case. It may seem like a little thing, but people love the extra finesse of detail, the thrill of a little something special. They’ll even add a bow to present the box as a tasteful holiday gift.

Here’s how you can capture the potential of your wines in gorgeous gift boxes and show off seasonal flair.

Promote your wine as the show-shopping center of holiday deliveries for business as well as personal gift-giving.

Wine gift boxes—on their own or as a component of sumptuous wine-themed gift baskets—make impressive corporate gifts.

This is an ideal way to build up excitement around less obvious wines (think: those varieties that need a little more introduction).

Gift boxes also enable you to suggest couples of wine boxed together, say a well-heeled red and white combo, or a set of reserve releases. Two bottles of bubbly, one for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, for example, look delightful together.







It’s time to start marketing these options now, in wine club mailers, on social media, newsletters, and tasting room materials. Choose visuals that boost your brand’s image and help customers choose the perfect gift (from your portfolio) for all the festivities this season.

Outfit your portfolio with gift boxes. Get Outshinery to create the visuals.

It's almost 2022 — get a look that lives up to the new year!

Discover Lifestyle Images that evoke New Years Eve, shiny people, game nights, and bubbly gatherings.

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