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Jill Barth


March 10, 2022

Plan your wine launches, tasting events, social media posts, wine club communication, and more with this free marketing calendar for wineries.

Q4 Calendar 2021 for wineries

It’s one of our most requested resources and it’s out now! The fresh edition of our calendar for wineries includes reminders of upcoming marketing opportunities to help you position your products as must-haves for seasonal celebrations.

“The team at Outshinery is top-notch. From the work they produce, to the customer service, to the marketing advice they give, they are my favorite company to work with!” ~ M.B.

Marketing resource from Outshinery

Stuck on social media ideas? Bored with your winery newsletter content? Let’s fix that!

Organized by useful and relevant categories, Outshinery’s free list of 99 Content Prompts for Wineries is packed with ideas your audience will actually enjoy. Discover new ways to connect for every season or simply every day.

Need Shine Credits? Top up here.

Timeless Recipe Collection

“Food and drink” is a popular search category. Get recipes for YOUR wine and take advantage of the inexhaustible appeal.

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