by Outshinery

The new magazine for wineries that market above and beyond.

digital publication for the wine industry, the first of its kind from the team of creatives behind Outshinery. Setting new standards for elevated and accessible wine bottle photography, marketing resources, and ecommerce assets for wineries around the globe.

Laurie Milotte

“I admire the constant reinvention that takes place in our industry, an urge to move one of the world’s oldest products forward. At Outshinery we feel that we’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunity we hold when it comes to communicating wine to the world market.”
~ Laurie Millotte, founder of Outshinery

Where Vogue meets Wired for the wine industry. A fresh look at tech, media, content, and design with inspiration and expertise from our team and industry pros. Includes bonus full-year marketing calendar + subscription to exclusive content, and product news.

The 70+ page Volume 01 covers:

  • New ways to stand out and look proud
  • Celebrate individuality in a competitive market
  • Spark concepts to tell brand story
  • Practical moves to present to any audience
  • Bonus resources available only to readers
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