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Laurie Millotte


January 31, 2020

Add easy seasonal charm to your social media marketing. Includes bonus how-to guide for wineries.

Be the first to get our brand-new (and totally free) Instagram Stories sticker pack for Valentine’s Day.

This adorable new collection is a quick and charming way to transform your visuals into seasonal imagery that you can use to suggest your bottles on social media. 

GIF stickers are graphic designs that can be easily added to your photos and videos shared within Instagram Stories. With a few clicks, you can take a look from general to seasonal with this free Valentine’s Day pack. 

These are an essential element of Instagram (IG) Stories and help you tell the story behind the moment. And IG Stories are an essential element of your marketing plan because 400 million people use them every day!* 

Stickers are perfect for:


  • Quick additional seasonal flair
  • Drawing attention to CTA buttons
  • Drawing focus to links & sign-ups
  • Getting attention for your brand

They let your audience see your product as the ideal Valentine’s Day bottle and express your brand’s voice and style. While this approach is totally easy and fun, it’s also a solid way to increase sales because 1 in 3 daily Instagrammers say they have become interested in a product because they spotted it on IG Stories.*

Need some inspiration on making Instagram Stories work for your winery? Check out our 15 top tips here

How to use your new sticker pack:


  1. Simply download the sticker pack to your smartphone. They’ll be saved to your photo album.
  2. Open Instagram and take or upload a photo/video to Instagram Stories.
  3. Before publishing your IG Story, go to your photo album and find the sticker you want to add to your story.
  4. Click the icon in the bottom left corner (it’ll bring up a menu of options) and click “Copy Photo”.
  5. Go back to your Instagram story and an “Add Sticker” button should pop up. Click to add to your story and reposition to your liking.

If the “Add Sticker” button didn’t pop up, click the text button in your IG stories instead. Double-tap and “paste” the sticker.

Still unsure?
Check out our quick video demo here

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