Written by

Laurie Millotte


February 12, 2020

How to use images as turnkey marketing solutions (and spread joy while you do it)

Outshinery founder, Laurie Millotte, is here to tell you a secret. Actually, it’s not a secret, but that’s because Laurie really believes in what you are about to learn. In fact, she’s spent a portion of the month of January traveling with the Commerce7 roadshow and as a DTC Wine Symposium panelist sharing her expertise.

It’s all about delighting your customers (and selling wine) with visuals

People make super-quick decisions based on what they see. In fact, humans know if they like something within 50 milliseconds of looking at it. This means that your customers have formed an impression of your website, social media page, or ecommerce platform at first sight.























































If you’d like a way to hack this moment where their eyes meet yours (digitally speaking, of course) here is your toolkit.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • What shoppers want online
  • 3 common pitfalls in online wine marketing
  • Tips on how to stay out of those pitfalls
  • Tools to resonance with and delight your audience
  • Real life examples that worked
  • A free offer + how to get started
Connect with customers, use Instagram Stories Stickers

A guide for wineries + free sticker downloads

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