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Laurie Millotte


September 10, 2019

We asked Amy Shamblen, featured artist behind our “Make it Pop!” collection for her experienced advice — as a creative director and photographer — on how brands can super optimize Lifestyle Images.

Lifestyle Images save time and money and create consistency throughout various platforms to build brand awareness—AKA long term success for your brand.

Here are Amy’s must-do tips for successful Lifestyle Image use (and reuse!).

1. Blog posts

High-quality Lifestyle Images are perfect for adding visual texture to your blog.

And this is important: did you know that we’re more capable of recalling information if there’s a picture along with it?

Sprinkle Lifestyle Images throughout your blog help to break up the text and make it easier to digest. Use loads of on-brand visuals throughout your blog that people can share or re-pin.

Hot tip: align with seasonal moments throughout the year and help your audience visualize your wine in their lives with recipes, tips, and how-to’s.

2. Hero images on your website

Find the right photo to fit your style and the seasonal vibe, and it will feel super cohesive (consistent) and work perfectly for brand promotion or e-commerce. Welcome users to your site with flawless visuals that let them know you are all about quality and customer-friendliness.

Flat-lay images are great for this because they can create an ideal space for layering messages for your website header. You can also piece images next to each other to create a collage of wines side by side — the possibilities are endless!

3. Social media posts

It’s hard keeping up with social media since it moves so quickly. Instead of constantly trying to produce new content (and take away from your other precious business time), use eye-catching Lifestyle Images to start a conversation with your audience.

Remember, not all of your social media posts should be self-promotional. Tell the story of your brand and create excitement by engaging your audience through stories and questions. Do you have cause your brand supports? Tell your customers about it and spread the love by tagging them.

Have a case of wanderlust? Chat about places that inspire or where members of your team plan to go next! Engage your audience and show them you’re not here to sell to them, but to connect and inspire them—that’s what social media is all about.

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4. Events

Hosting a tasting room event or wine club member party? Perhaps it’s time to launch a new product? Create some buzz around your event and a lil’ mystery to keep people coming back to see the big reveal! Try adding text or a countdown number to Lifestyle Images to hint at your future release.

Get people excited to check back by choosing visuals that hint at what’s to come. Maybe it’s a new fall wine that will pair well with harvest veggies? Show a photo of your wine in this setting. Maybe it’s a bottle with a certain gift-giving appeal? Show off the pizzaz of opening a package containing this bottle.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be a wine marketer’s best friend.

Maybe Mondays are your motivational days—create a reusable template and overlay a new, inspiring quote each week. A lot of people are drawn to quotes and will often repost them, which can drive your brand awareness and loyalty. Don’t be afraid to mix and match photos too! Carousel images are perfect for that.

Lifestyle Images are also a great option if you want to run a story ad campaign. First impressions are crucial—especially when we’re quickly tapping through stories—so make sure your images stand out right away.

Check out our guide to making the most of this fun social tool to work your brand’s storytelling potential.

There are many ways you can utilize Lifestyle Images that are absolutely unique to your brand vibe.

With a myriad of other brands vying to captivate a similar audience, it’s important that the images you use are high-quality, engaging, and available when you need them.

Ready to try for yourself? Check out the “Make it Pop!” capsule collection featuring the work of Amy Shamblen. 

For more ways to use Lifestyle Images, check out the full article over at Amy’s blog.


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